Toscana Inox- Beer production plants – TIX-E 100 Lt

The TIX-E 100 Lt beer system is the first high-tech miniature solution designed for schools and universities. With its compact design and 100 Lt capacity, it offers all the features of a professional beer system in an extra-small format.

Beer production plant for micro-breweries and educational laboratories

Ecological, automated and highly professional, the TIX – E 100 Lt beer system is the answer for all academic brewing laboratories. The efficiency and quality of the system guarantee performance equal to large-sized professional beer systems, with the added value of a small volume. The perfect solution to allow students and apprentice brewers to test themselves with a professional system with 4.0 technology. But also for micro-breweries intended to optimize costs and productivity with a compact and high-performance model.

Plant dimension: 100 Lt

This mini-format beer system is the Must-Have for all beer schools and academies that want to offer their students a cutting-edge program. Thanks to the structure in all respects identical to large professional plants, it offers the opportunity for advanced training to develop truly competitive know-how even in practice.

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Beer system for educational laboratories 4.0

The TIX – E 100 Lt plant has been designed to recreate the entire process of the larger systems on a smaller scale. The structure consists of 4 different tanks, each dedicated to a specific phase:

To these tanks are added:

Everything necessary to allow students to use 100% identical to that of the large production plants of industry 4.0.

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Why choose a Toscana Inox plant

Our plants guarantee the quality of an entirely Made in Italy production, appreciated on the international market. The attention to detail from the project to the construction phase guarantees superior performance to other production plants in terms of efficiency and productivity.

1. Performance

All Toscana Inox plants are designed and patented to obtain very high performance. The efficiency of the systems allows for a clear saving on the quantity of raw materials used and a reduction in energy consumption. All plant models, including the one for teaching, are designed to make batches for the capacity of finished beer at 18° Plato (about 7° alcohol).

2. Patent

Our systems are patented and designed to make more effective use of the heat produced by the heating system. The result is a better recovery of the heat produced compared to a traditional brewhouse, thanks to the system of chambers inside the batching tank. With the same electric current, a higher energy efficiency is obtained by reducing costs and consumption.

3. Tecnology

The IT technology developed within the company guarantees cutting-edge and high-performance solutions. The latest generation softwares completely eliminate the “inertia” in the mashing phases, allowing for high-precision control of the quality of the production process. The control system of the brewhouse allows you to manage the operation of the plant completely automatically, thanks to the PC on the machine combined with the PLC. It is also possible to control and program the brewhouse via Tablet/Smartphone/PC, with a simple click, entirely remotely.

4. Assistance

In case of problems, our technicians can immediately connect to your system to identify the anomaly and solve it directly remotely when possible.

5. Installation

The complete brewhouses are mounted on the frame. This configuration allows them to be easily positioned on the production site, thus reducing installation costs.

6. Amortisation

The beer system for educational laboratories, like all our systems, is set up for the 4.0 Regulation and benefits the relative incentives. Indeed, the investment in the plant provides for the possibility of accessing a hyper-depreciation of 250% for expenses identifiable as industry 4.0.

7. Customisation

The production chain of the plants is carried out within the company, to guarantee the highest quality standards. Starting from the careful selection of exclusively Italian components. Based on customer requests, we also create totally customized brewhouses.

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