The Mission

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Everything we do, we do to push our ideas beyond the usual. We believe in thinking differently. The way we do it is to make products with a beautiful design, simple, unique. So let’s build big dreams together.

The philosophy

The philosophy of our companies is to accompany the customer on his journey with targeted advice on the aspects of the project.

Thus studying the most suitable technical – commercial solution to maximize the project performance. To obtain this result, every single phase is treated and followed with the utmost care:

Why we do this

360 ° consultancy always at the service of customer needs

Those who come to us are not just looking for a simple object, but a product designed on real knowledge of how a machinery, accessory or plant must be built so that once in use produces efficiently and advantageously.

Our customers don’t just buy what we do but why we do it that way. Obviously the product must be of quality; the what, how and why of the design choices must be coherent. Above all, the reason for the technical choices must be clear. If it is confused, customers run away, or in any case do not like our product, which becomes only a commodity, that is, a consumer good. Knoweldge is the only way to success. This is how the customer communities are born, which in reality are fan clubs, real tribes.

The reason why the gold circle works is that what and how are assessed by the cerebral neocortex, which deals with rational decisions. The reason is assessed by the limbic system, which responds to emotions and produces them. Choosing through the limbic system, in fact, means acting on your stomach, feeling that you have made the right decision.

Belly decisions tend to be faster, more exact for our needs and more satisfying, precisely because they feel they have done the right thing. Feeling is opposed to thinking and is much more powerful. There are three degrees of certainty, which we see from the minor to the major:

If there is no why, it is more difficult to make a decision, it is easier to get confused and therefore to linger. So The why must be clear; The how should be done with discipline; The must be consistent. In this way the proposal is truly authentic. The process towards why is a process of discovery, not of invention.

Both manipulation and inspiration act on the limbic level; the difference is that the inspiration concerns more an alignment with ourselves and with our deepest part. Manipulation is more about the product we are buying, which is, and remains, external and detached from us. Loyalty, trust and faith, which are true values, exist in the mind of those who buy, not those who sell. And for this they are very powerful.

In this way we can also choose customers: we will select only those who believe in what we believe. Starting from why it makes this much simpler and more effective.

The same things are valid for associations, for movements, for causes that are considered important, and also for gallant appointments. Doing business is like going out with someone: it is much better to talk about what you believe in rather than what you have.

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