The TIX-V steam beer brewing plant is the maximum of our plant engineering expression for the production of craft beer.

Steam beer production plants

Designed for large cooking rooms (1000 liters to rise), it fully exploits the power and characteristics of the steam. The unique qualities of steam for brewing beer have been exalted to the maximum in these plants.

The TIX-V is the solution for those who want a steam beer brewing system with maximum technology and truly unique performances

Plant size

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Steam Beer plant: cost efficiency analysis

The following graph highlights the cost benefit that the high efficiency of our brewhouse brings to the global production. With the increase in the Total Production Volume, a greater gain is achieved on the saving of the raw materials used as it has a much higher yield.


In order to reduce installation costs as much as possible, we install our systems on a steel frame. The internal manufacturing of all the machinery allows us to adapt to the size of the production building, so as not to impact on production and installation costs.


The company philosophy is to make the use of our systems simple and immediate. Simplifying the working reality is one of the main aspects for a better use of the machinery. This leads to greater working profitability and better user experience.

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Why choose a toscana inox plant

The best of Made in Italy serving the world of beer; modeled on the size of your projects. The perfectionism in the production details and the unique efficiency of the systems, allows our brewhouses to have performances above any beer production system.

  1. Performance:
    Yield is one of the fundamental aspects of the plants. Thanks to a careful analysis with the best Italian Brewers; we create brewhouse with optimized performance to get the most out of raw materials, with an eye to energy consumption. All our plants are designed to produce  beer brews at 18 ° Plato (about 7 ° alcohol).
  2. Patent:
    All the Gas range brewhouses are patented. Thanks to innovative vessels construction processes, combined with other key aspects; allows you to recover and expand a huge amount of heat; so as to eliminate any possibility of caramelization. This revolutionary process allows to reduce the consumption of methane or LPG; so as to contain energy costs.
  3. Technology:
    The world of information technology is always in constant evolution trying to expand into new sectors. With the advent of increasingly performing technologies, we have decided to introduce increasingly advanced systems. The Master Brewers will have a latest generation PLC / PC with dedicated and specialized software for the beer production processes. Eliminating the “inertia” in the mashing phases and simplifying the production processes. The Software is designed and developed with the help of the best Brewers; so as to sensitize the computer world with that of Beer. The software combines the advantages of the PLC with those of the PC. All elements of the brewhouse are entirely manageable by the operator or directly from the machine. Remote control becomes increasingly important, so you can control the brewhouse with Tablet / Smartphone / Pc. Everything is just a click away. (Remote management allows our technicians to interface with the brewhouse remotely and resolve any problems.)
  4. Installation:
    The brewhouses are made on a frame, so as to position them very easily within the production site. A simple idea, but one that radically reduces installation costs.
  5. Custom:
    The entire manufacturing process of the brewhouses takes place within the company. The aim is to design the systems entirely tailored to our customers requests. Starting from the cutting of the steel sheet up to the final finishes, all steps are scrupulously cared for by our specialized technicians.

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