The electrical solution TIX-E is the green choice for beer production. Pollution issues are at the heart of our company; so we designed a high performance power line. Electrical systems range from small to medium-large sizes with surprising quality and yield.

Electrical systems for beer production

The software developed over the years guarantees performance equal to that of steam beer brewing systems and high level precision without “INERTIA”. The TIX-E is the solution for anyone who wants a professional beer production system with the maximum technology in small spaces. With a green power supply, it is ideal to be placed in prestigious premises.

Plant size

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Electric Beer plant: cost efficiency analysis

In the following graph are highlighted the cost benefit that the high efficiency of our brewhouse brings to the global production. With the increase in the Total Production Volume, a greater gain is achieved on the saving of the raw materials used as it has a much higher yield.


The complete brewhouses are on a frame. This configuration allows them to be easily positioned on the production site, thus allowing reduced installation costs.


The plants are designed to simplify the production phases; optimizing the working time. This increases hourly profitability and makes the user experience more beautiful and immersive.

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Why choose a toscana inox plant

Our brewing systems are the best of Made in Italy technology, while respecting traditions. Attention to detail and attention to production guarantees performance and production quality superior to any other beer production plant.


Plants designed and patented to have a very high production yield, in order to allow savings on the quantity of raw materials used and on low energy consumption. All our plants are designed to brew for the finished beer capacity at 18 ° Plato (about 7 ° alcohol).


Our patented systems can make more effective use of the heat produced by the heating system, in fact, compared to a traditional cooking vessels, it is possible to recover an important amount of the heat produced, through the system of rooms inside the cooking vats. In this way, for the same electricity (the same amount of methane or LPG or steam), it is possible to have a higher energy yield so as to reduce energy costs.


The Computer Technology developed within the company puts all the power of today’s technology at the service of Brewers. With dedicated software it is possible to achieve high level precision, totally eliminating the “inertia” in the mashing phases and thus improving the quality of the production process.
The control system of the brewhouse provides a PLC combined with a PC capable of completely managing the operation of the system automatically. There is the possibility to control and program the brewhouse through Tablet / Smartphone / PC. Anytime and anywhere you are, with the simplicity of a click.


The complete brewhouses are on frame. This configuration allows them to be easily positioned on the production site, thus allowing the reduced installation costs.


The entire production of the systems is carried out internally within the company, first of all selecting top quality and exclusively Italian components. Starting from the steel sheet up to the final finishes we can, based on individual customer requests, create totally customized brewhouses.

made in italy



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