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Toscana inox

Toscana Inox is a company that in addition to manufacturing, with the most advanced tecnologies, stainless steel tanks, also produces complete turnkey systems for the wine, oil and beer industry, offering a complete range of standard and on request, simple or multi- equipped models.


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Stainless steel tanks and containers

Toscana Inox: for over ten years in the food and chemical industries.

We are a manufacturing company that deals with the production of stainless steel tanks intended for the use within the food and chemical industries. With great seriousness and professionalism we have decades of experience in the stainless steel container sector.
The prerogative of our company is to always stay “in step with the times” by implementing and developing new technologies for the development of stainless steel tanks. In fact, technology plays a leading role, we invest a lot of resources in these increasingly complex and sophisticated new methods, to guarantee the customer a final product of the highest quality
From the early stages of product design, we pay the utmost attention to the choice of the best material to use (316 stainless steel), sewn tailored on the customer’s needs, continuing with the manufacture of our stainless steel tanks, made by highly specialized technicians, up to the final tests of the containers with the various directives that derive from the sector of destination, for example stainless steel tank produced to contain Beer, Wine, Milk etc.


The technology behind the development of stainless steel tanks.

The stainless steel containers produced by the company are the result of the design and development of the best material currently on the market. What are the benefits:
The tanks are not exposed to internal corrosion which can occur after a long period of time in which the liquid remains in the stainless steel container.
The also applies outside the tank. In fact, it can withstand any type of climate
Thanks to stainless steel, the quality of the liquid contained is maintained without compromising its quality.
Another aspect not to be underestimated is the simplIcity of cleaning of the tanks.
Insulation of stainless steel containers to maximize thermal efficiency.
In addition to the creation and construction of stainless steel containers, Toscana Inox specializes in the construction of systems for cooking beer, cellars, distilleries and industrial machines.

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