Impianti toscana inox with its 50 years of experience builds directly from stainless steel sheet (304 and 316). the following types of certified ped and moca fermenters. Recognized worldwide as the top of the range.

The production takes place entirely within the company, starting from the steel sheet up to the final finishes.

Machinery, technologies and production quality processes ensure that problems such as oxidation or implosion of fermenters are prevented.

Toscana Inox: Beer fermenters

Combitanks: Isobaric fermenters

Capacity from 3 HL to 90 HL, (greater on request)

Combitank is our flagship, the best of fermenters. Perfect for both low and high fermentation.

We are in fact one of the few PED and MOCA certified companies for the production of Isobaric Fermenters.

The quality of steel, insulation, components and the attention paid to each phase of construction allows us to provide a product recognized as one of the best pressure fermenters on the market.

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Insulated and refrigerated fermenters

Capacity from 3 HL to 90 HL (higher on request)

The top of the range fermenter for high fermentation beer. Thanks to the company’s know-how and the attention paid by our specialized technicians in each phase of production, allows us to supply a quality product recognized by breweries all over the world.

The techniques used to create the insulation ensure that the desired temperature is maintained without the risk of temperature changes, even in the most critical stages of fermentation.

Thanks to this there is an important saving of electricity necessary for the refrigeration unit as it will be much easier to keep a constant temperature.

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Non-insulated refrigerated fermenters

Capacity from 3 HL to 90 HL (greater on request)

This item, despite being our basic model for High Fermentation, is equipped with all the necessary accessories such as steel manhole cover, washing sphere, reflow tube, thermometer, etc. the conical bottom can be at 10 °, 30 ° or 60 °.

Thanks to the experience of the company acquired in half a century and the attention of our specialized technicians allow to supply a quality product recognized by users all over the world.

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