TIX-F is the ideal solution for those who want to rely on the power of gas, going to rediscover a quality never seen on systems of this type. Its modularity is suitable for those who intend to increase the production of craft beer, without replacing the system.

Gas plants for beer production

Thanks to our innovative heating system, caramelization is completely avoided and a much more homogeneous cooking of the product is obtained. Attention to detail and attention during production guarantee performance and production yields superior to any other gas plant.

Plant size

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Gas Beer System: cost efficiency analysis

The following chart shows the cost benefit that the high efficiency of our machines brings to the global economic production. As the Total Production Volume increases, there is a greater gain on the savings of the raw materials used.


Our systems are mounted on a frame so as to make positioning easier and minimize installation costs. The complete production of the machinery on our premises allows us to adapt to the size of the customer's production site, without impacting production costs.


Our philosophy is to make the use of the implants simple. There is often a tendency to complicate, what instead should remain easy, resulting in worse work quality. The ease of use allows you to increase your working profitability, with an easy and immersive user experience.

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Why choose a toscana inox plant

The best of Made in Italy serving the world of beer; with a look at traditions. Our plants are a combination of these two elements. The meticulous attention to production details and the efficiency of our construction line guarantee superior performance to any beer production plant.

1. Performance

The plants are designed and patented to obtain a very high production yield. This allows savings on raw materials and energy consumption; thus leading to lowering the costs of the activity. All our plants are designed to produce the nominal capacity of beer at 18 ° Plato (about 7 ° alcohol).

2. Patent

The gas line plants are patented, as they are innovative from many points of view. The revolutionary room system, combined with other key design elements, allows you to recover a huge amount of heat and eliminates the risk of caramelization. This innovative system allows to reduce the consumption of methane or LPG and therefore reduce energy costs.

3. Technology

The IT world is expanding and reaching more and more sectors. We have decided to exploit this power in order to put strong yet simple technology at the service of the Master Brewers. A software has been developed that takes care of the most delicate aspects in the production of beer. By eliminating the “inertia” in the mashing phases and simplifying production.
The software on board of the brewhouse combines the advantages of the PLC with those of a PC. Each aspect can be manually managed by the operator or can delegate it to the machine. Remote management becomes increasingly important; for this it is possible to manage and program the brewhouse through Tablet / Smartphone / Pc. Anytime, anywhere, with the simplicity of a click.
(This function allows to remotely manage possible problems. Our technicians will immediately connect to your system to identify the problem and solve it remotely.)

4. Installation

Our plants are mounted on a frame. This choice makes it easier to position them on the production site. A simple choice, which totally reduces installation costs.

5. Custom

The entire process of creating our Brewhouses is internal to the company. This allows us to design our systems in a completely personalized way. From the steel sheet to the final finishes, everything is always taken care of by our specialized technicians, with an eye on materials, strictly Made in Italy.

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