Impianti Toscana Inox with the ECONOMY line, conceives a system in which all the essential technical measures that allow you to carry out your business in a professional manner are available, providing quality products time over time, brew after brew.

These plants are suitable for those who want to start a business with a limited budget or small Brewpub.

Toscana Inox economy line plants for beer production

Economy brewhouse: 200 lt. Electric

The 200 Lt plant, exclusively powered by electricity, is the smallest plant in the Economy line.

The plant is equipped from all points of view, to work continuously, thanks to the quality of the materials chosen.

The resistances, placed under the mashing vat, allow you to have an excellent yield and thus to respect the various ramps. The plant is also equipped with a PLC that allows you to store the various recipes, thus providing uniformity of finished production.

The PLC manages the various elements of the system in an excellent way in order to minimize errors and allows you to recreate a product with the same organoleptic characteristics.

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