It is a semi-automatic installation for the washing and the sterilization of the parts of the inner parts of the installation, it reduces the times and it improves the efficiency of the sanitization through:
– Detergency
– Disinfection
The CIP has an interface to the brewing unit and to the fermenting units. It is equipped with a variable number of tanks with adequate capacity, depending on the installations to sanitize. It allows removing completely every sort of remainder of product from the installations, both at the end of the brewing and at product change.
The mechanical action of washing with high capacities, combined with the chemical action of the detergents and of the disinfectants, it allows cleaning accurately also the most critical of the installations.
The cycle starts with a washing phase through the caustic solution, which was prepared beforehand and warmed to the working temperature; then an intermediate washing follows, a second phase of washing for the disinfection with the acid solution. Finally, a rinsing with cold water to remove the remainders of the used detergents takes place.