The iron plates used for the production of the tanks are in first rate steel AISI 304 and 316. Thestainless steel is suitable for the construction of tanks thanks to its following characteristics:

  • chemical inertiato the corrosive agents present in the wine, oil and beer;
  • flavourlessodourless;
  • easy removal of possible incrustations;
  • bacterial retention almost void thanks to its smooth surface;
  • resistant to the exterior corrosion.

Thermal exchange ranges built in order to guarantee an excellent exchange efficiency. The insulation is realized through the most modern technologies in order to obtain the highest productivity of the refrigeration ranges and the minimum thermal dispersion in order to guaranteeless operating costs and the highest productivity.

The accessories are realized in stainless steel of first-rate.

It is a system that offers excellent technical and aesthetic guarantee since it does not add material. The inert gas, added in the welding phase, excludes the oxygen which is the cause ofthe alteration of the steel’s molecular structure and which can be attacked by the liquids dipped in the containers.

The constant control of specialized staff always guarantees the best welding precision.