isolato conico 10 vibo b

Tank with conical bottom and legs built in stainless steel AISI 304 BA 18/10 suited for storage, making and stabilization of wine and all the procedures that requires thermical isolation.

    Standard/optional accessories:

  • Superior hatchway Ø 400 mm locked by arm
  • Two-way air valve built in PVC
  • N°2 welded sleeves built in stainless steel
  • N°2 taps/valves for total and partial discharge
  • Sample-taker
  • Stair-support built in stainless steel Aisi 304
  • Level with protection built in stainless steel aisi 304
  • Cooling/heating band swollen kind, max rated pressure 1.5 bar
  • Inlet and outlet glycol sleeve diameter 1″ gas
  • Thermometer built in stainless steel
  • Sump for drill attack 1/2″ gas
  • Isolated inner door

For higher capacity or not-included tanks, we please you to contact us for a quotation.

Volume ltrsInt./Ext. Diameter mmTotal Height mmBottom
10001025-11502300conical 10°
15001150-12702500conical 10°
20001270-14002500conical 10°
25001270-14003000conical 10°
30001400-15303000conical 10°
40001600-17503000conical 10°
50001600-17503500conical 10°
50001750-19103100conical 10°
60001750-19103600conical 10°
70001840-20003600conical 10°
100002100-22603900conical 10°