The TIX-E equipment is designed for customers who aim for medium and big manufactures and a top quality.

Its configuration is studied to guarantee simplicity and an extreme practicality.

Quick installations and reduced spaces are fundamental prerogatives, compared to other brew-houses on the market.

The TIX-V basic configuration allows a fast production time and an extreme quality with low costs: the customer could then increase the equipment with more tanks, to double or to triple the manufacturing, without replace the entire brew-house.

The TIX-V is composed by expandable modular blocks, to produce till 3-4 daily brews and all its components are of first rate: the pumps CSF ( leader in this sector) are managed by an inverter to control the speed and they are all equipped with special fittings to flow alimentary liquids at high temperatures.

The Italian reducers are controlled by an inverter to regulate the speed: they are appositely designed following our criteria, to ensure safety and reliability in the time.

Each tank is equipped with exclusive washing-systems to obtain a perfect equipment’s sanitation.

The GEA-ECOFLEX’s exchangers are sized so that the customer could chill the beer two grades more than the water, which is utilized as cooling water, without extra storage tanks, alleviating overall spaces and costs.

The way out water is at a temperature of 80°, already suitable for other manufactures.

All our brew-houses are delivered ready and tested for the utilisation to produce many types of different beers.

Moreover the equipment is reinforced by the software Siemens: its usage’s simpleness allows the customer to compare each phase of the process with a special system.

It’s possible to install till 50 recipes and save them directly on an external hard-disk.

There’s also the possibility to automatize a large number of production’s phases and to install a modem for the remote control.

According to customer’s needs there would be changes on the configuration and on the spaces, to simplify the installation.

Our range of steam brew-houses:

TIX-E 250cap. 250 lt.
TIX-E 500cap. 500 lt.
TIX-E 1000cap. 1000 lt.
TIX-E 1500cap. 1500 lt.
tix-3e 10 hl foto 09 Tix-E 2.5 HL