The Priming vat has a vertical cylindrical body with a 10 ° conical bottom suitable for resting on a stainless steel frame. Both the internal tank and the external coating are made of AISI 304/316 cold rolled stainless steel.

The internal finish is of the reflective glossy type and the external one is of the satin type.

The main function of the Priming Vat is to mix sugars and any yeasts during the priming phase. This machine becomes essential in case you want to base your production on high fermentation beer. Complete from every point of view, the main elements are:

  1. Gear motor for mixing
  2. Upper manhole cover
  3. Washing sphere
  4. Panel for the management of the Priming Vat.

Equipped with insulation for better performance, like our entire line, it remains entirely customizable by the customer to meet personal needs.

made in italy



from design
to assembly

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