The CIP washing machine is a semi-automated system for washing and sterilization. It is used for the sanitization of the internal parts of Plants and Fermenters (for example), but its applications are manifold. The CIP reduces the time for cleaning and improves the effectiveness of sanitization through two actions:
– Cleansing action
– Disinfectant action

As standard, the CIP is made up of two 250-liter tanks. The first tank is heated by electric resistors placed on the bottom of the vat. It is mounted on a frame in AISI 304/316 stainless steel. Equipped with control panel with potentiometer for temperature control and inverter for adjusting the pump operating speed.

The CIP can be equipped with a variable number of tanks, with adequate capacity for the plants to be sanitized. The mechanical action of washing with high flow rates, combined with the chemical action of detergents and disinfectants; allows you to thoroughly clean even the most critical parts.

The cycle begins with a washing phase using the solution previously prepared and heated to the operating temperature.

An intermediate rinse follows, a second washing phase for disinfection with the previously prepared solution. Finally, a final rinse with cold water, in order to remove the residues of the detergents used.

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