Toscana Inox srl designs, manufactures and installs stainless steel brew-houses, and is specialized in the realization of equipments for artisanal micro-breweries, by producing a wide range of products to satisfy customer’s needs. Consulence/ start up, design, business plan, formation, study and realization of brand, assistance.

I nostri impianti industriali per la birra

Auxiliary tanks

PRIMING TANK The priming tank is made respecting the characteristics and needs of the customer. Its interior is treated with extreme caution as the whole range of products for the beer production. Its function is to mix sugars and any yeast during the priming phase; can be single-walled or insulated. Our whole production is ccompletely… Read more »

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Thanks to many years of experience, collaborations with brew-masters and university teachers, we have been developing a wide range of simple and handy equipments, by guaranteeing to our customers a production in the respect of past traditions, supported by our technology, which guarantees the best in terms of productivity and repeatability.



Our brew-houses are modular and so that they can be easily amplified, following customer’s needs, by guaranteeing the opportunity to increase the production and/or the reduction of manufacture timing and cost, without the substitution.



Our “turnkey” solutions ensure clear and moderate prices, with fast installation timing: we deliver our brew-houses already tested and ready to be use.



Before the delivery all of our equipments must undergo testing to ensure reliability and tranquillity to the customer, with the possibility to have its own recipes saved and tested.